Jochem Bruggink

Jochem Bruggink has been active in the survival run world since 1994. What started as a hobby grew into a true passion starting in 1999. This resulted in eight NK titles between 2006 and 2015. From 1999, Jochem was a board member at the Survival Dinxperlo Foundation. They organized survival runs twice a year. In addition, Jochem has been a member of the Parcours Committee of the Survivalrun Bond Nederland since 1999, which monitors the safety of training locations and survival runs. In 2011, Jochem became a board member for the Survivalrun Bond and was the chairman for two years. He was also active for many years as a survival sports trainer, varying from the kids just getting started to the top Dutch among the seniors.

The obstacle run was introduced in the Netherlands in 2012. Well-known organizations such as Mud Masters, StrongManRun and Strong Viking organized the first Dutch obstacle runs. From the very beginning, we have worked with these organizations as a supplier. Since then, we have built out more than 250 runs at home and abroad. Thanks to his many years of experience as a survival athlete, trainer, organizer and designer, Jochem and Bruggink Sports Constructions make your most ideal sports location a reality.

Jochem Bruggink

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