We work as follows, starting with...

Your ideas..


Get in touch with us! Whether you have a well-defined plan or just a wild idea, we are happy to dive right in and discuss the possibilities of your dream location or event.

We have a wide variety of projects, and we can share drawings and ideas with you to give more shape to what you're looking for.

Everything starts with the first introduction and your passion for your project!

Designing your ideas

We'll work with you to continue developing your ideas!

Using examples and photos of other projects and sketches of what you're looking for, we come to the first illustration of the plans. We can attach an initial cost indication to this illustration.

The first step in this phase can be done by e-mail and telephone, but in order to focus the plans specifically on the location you have, it's a good idea to visit the location. The best ideas come from the location itself, with all the possibilities and limitations that a location can have.

3D Illustration

If the ideas and the budget match, then we'll move on to the development of the illustrations in 3D views. A 3D drawing gives you a good impression of the interpretation and appearance of a construction, and also highlights potential bottlenecks.


Production for the structures is done in our workshop, which means that we can work quickly on location, for both permanent set-ups and events, and set up the constructions in a short time.


Together we'll agree on when the constructions need to be ready. Depending on whether it is an event or a permanent training location and the time pressure that comes with it, we'll decide when we need to start construction and how many people we'll need on our construction team.

We are completely self-sufficient during construction. That means we can take a lot off your organization's plate, especially at events.

Manier van werken

Nederlands Ruigste

Just a selection of our unique projects, for theRTL7 TV series "Nederlands Ruigste" we created the final obstacle in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. A 100-meter-long, 6-meter-wide course with a height of up to 8 meters! Watch the video.

GTM Body