Train and play...

In the garden

Training at home? Or want to give your kids a challenging playground? Or are you looking to get in some good functional training under the guise of "fun for the kids"? We can design a unique training/play set-up for every backyard. We would be happy to work with you to find a the perfect sports structure for your home. Contact us for more information.
What we offer for

In the garden

  • Aroo
  • Clamber construction
  • Playful training
  • Clamber construction with Quarterpipe
  • Aroo

    For very large yards: AROO climbing paradise!

    Extensive climbing opportunities and hiding places. Not only focused on movement but also on the child's play and fantasy.

  • Clamber construction

    A complete obstacle where the little ones can enjoy themselves, and adults can get in high-quality training, too.

    The construction can be built in sizes ranging from 10x10 feet to 20x20 feet

  • Playful training

    Climbing and clambering
    Sliding and swinging
    Challenge and play,
    Hide and seek.

    This construction has everything a kid could want!

  • Clamber construction with Quarterpipe

    A complete obstacle course where kids can enjoy themselves, but that also offers all-out training for adults.

    The construction is available in all sizes from 10x10 feet to 20x20 feet

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