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Obstacle kit

Our obstacle kit provides a versatile and complete obstacle package for children and youth. The Obstacle Kit can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is possible to pick up the obstacles and set them up yourself. You need at least 3 people for set-up and you won't need any tools.

The Obstacle Kit consists of:

  • 2x Wall, 4.6 feet tall and 7.8 feet wide
  • 2x Diagonal wall, 6 feet tall and 7.8 feet wide
  • 2x Hurdles, 3 feet tall and 7.8 feet wide
  • 2x Constructions with 3 courses that can include various elements: rings, step loops, ropes, moneky bars, etc. Power Frame
  • 2x Rope climb or rope ladder
  • 1x Tiger track under a net
  • 2x Balance beams of 16.5 feet long

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